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Looking for Temporary Car Insurance? Are you requiring a short term vehicle policy, if the answer is yes then you have come to the right place for whatever your reason we have the best, affordable policies around!

Policies From 1 -28 Days. Get a simple, fast quotation today!

We have 2 types of temporary policies, the first is for periods of one to twenty eight days you can either purchase a single day or extend this period at anytime or you can set a number of days if you know how long you wish to have the cover in place.

The second type is a rolling monthly policy or you would probably know it by the name pay as you go insurance, It basically is what it says you can purchase a policy for a month at a time, you can choose to insure your vehicle under this type of policy for up to eight months.

Temp Car & Van Insurance - Includes European Cover!

If you are looking to have insurance in place for over two weeks we would suggest the pay as you go option as it would be the most suitable type of insurance for you. Just remember it is down to you to cancel the policy if it is no longer required so as to avoid any funds leaving your account after the policy is no longer required.

All our policies offer both third party fire and theft and fully comprehensive cover and also allows you to drive your vehicle within Europe, if you are looking to use this policy outside of the UK then please check what level of cover you have by simply calling the insurer direct. All European cover is available as a fully comprehensive policy but again just double check!

Obviously if you are driving long distance you can insure more than one driver just remember to mention this at the time you take out the short term policy.

You and any other driver on the policy, can insure any vehicle up to the maximum weight of 3500kg, it doesn’t have to be your own vehicle it can be any vehicle you wish to drive.

You must be over the age of 18 to 75, You must have no more the 8 penalty points on your license

You and any other driver on the policy, can insure any car or a van up to the maximum weight of 3500kg, it doesn’t have to be your own vehicle it can be any vehicle you wish to drive.

You must have held a driver license for a minimum of 6 months. There may be other conditions so please ask at the time of purchasing the cover.

Temp Car, Van & Motorbike Cover - Cheapest Prices

Looking for Temporary car insurance? Temporary Motorbike insurance? Or Temporary Van Insurance? With our daily policies you will be covered within a couple of minutes, we forward the policy to your email box so you can print a copy off if required..

You can use the cover note to tax a vehicle at any post office as long as you have the log book and MOT certificate with you, we advise that you keep a copy of the policy within the vehicle that you are driving as in some cases it may take a little while for the cover to be visible on the police insurance database..

You can arrange a temporary policy at any time, 24 hours a day 7days a week including bank holidays. It only takes a couple of minutes so if you are looking for temporary insurance, get a fast, simple hassle free quote today! 

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